Something I’ve learned

Lets just say growing up in Utah, I haven’t had much exposure to the Jewish culture.  Well, I have learned something since starting my shop.  One of my first orders was for a Upshernish party and since I’m going to screw up explaining it, I’ve turned to my good friend Wikipedia to explain it…

Upsherin or Upsherinish (Yiddish: אפשערן, lit. “shear off”) is a Jewish haircutting ceremony, kabbalistic in origin, held when a Jewish boy is three years old. It is also known as “chalaka”, written חלאקה, from the Arabic word حلاقة.

I had so much fun getting to know about this tradition. My customer was so great to explain everything to me.  Here is how the invitation turned out (the photo and information has been changed, but you get the idea)…

My wonderful customer also requested a back copy to their invitation and wrote the cutest poem to go with this great tradition.

Here’s the cute poem

Hi, my name is Aaron and soon I’ll be three
My parents are making a party especially for me

It’s more than a birthday, as you’ll read in this rhyme
My hair will be cut for the very first time!

“Upshernish” is Yiddish, it means cutting hair
A Kippah & Tzitzis I’ll now start to wear

The Torah compares a man to a tree
Whose fruit may not be cut, until it turns three

If its roots are well nourished, it will grow strong and pure
And then the tree, just like me, will always stand secure

Your presence is awaited at this celebration
So please come and join us in this beautiful tradition!


I love designing, especially when I get to learn something on top of it!

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Thanks for reading!



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  1. jennie nosowitz

    how much do these cost?

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